How to wrap your Chocolate Candy Bars

You received your Candy Bar Wrappers yay! You're ready for the fun part! Making your birthday party even more cute with your Candy bar wrappers.

You can also buy the digital file and print. Follow the instructions you received with file for printing, then cut out all white and have fun!

Watch the video with full instructions:


Using foil sheets makes your Chocolate bars look even more cute. You can use the foil sheets you use at your house, cut them about 6x8.5". If you decide not to use the foil sheets just follow the same steps but omit those about foil.

  • Do not remove the chocolate's original paper packaging
  • Hide in each end (Flaps) of the original chocolate wrapper.
  • Place the bar face down in the center of the foil sheet (Flaps hiding)
  • Fold the foil over each end of the candy bar.
  • Crease the ends of the foil sheet in like a present.
  • Fold up the bottom of the foil sheet, pulling it tight!
  • Fold the top part of the foil down and secure with tape.
You can use a glue stick or double sided tape. Our Candy Bar wrappers come with tape when you order them printed.
  • Place the chocolate face down on the back side of the wrapper.
  • Align the edge on back of the wrapper with the border of chocolate bar.
  • Hold tight and don't move the chocolate bar.
  • Peel the tape on wrapper or apply glue to the border.
  • Firmly fold the bottom of the wrapper down (the short one)
  • Firmly fold the top of the wrapper up (the large one with tape on it)
  • Press along the glued edge to seal it tight.

You now have the cutest Candy Bar Wrappers for your party! Don't hesitate to contact us if you have any question or request, we're here to help!

Have a cute party and have fun!

The Cute Pixels Shop Team