How to wrap your Chip Bags

You received your Chip Bag Wrappers, yay! You're ready for the fun part! Making your birthday party even more cute with your Chip Bags.

You can also buy the digital file and print. Follow the instructions you received with file for printing, then cut out all white and have fun!

Watch the video with full instructions:


  • Do not remove the chips' original packaging.
  • Look for the marks at the back. Arrows & lines.
  • Take the edge with the arrows and align to lines.
  • Hold the paper without moving.
  • Look for the space to glue (shadow).
  • Peel the tape.
  • Take the other side and align with the space for glue.
  • Seal both sides. Don't release, keep pressing in the middle and make a crease at the bottom.
  • Use the tip of your fingers, not your nails and make the crease just where the bottom lines are, at both sides at bottom.
  • Peel the tape at bottom and seal.
  • Fill with the chip bag or goodies.
  • Go along the middle and make a crease in both sides at the top same as bottom.
  • Peel tape and seal.

You are ready to have the cutest chip bags for your party!

The Cute Pixels Shop Team