Do I receive a physical item?
If you chose "Digital" when ordering, you receive a digital file for you to print, it is sent by email. No physical items are delivered. If you chose "Printed" you receive your invitations or party decorations at your door.

➤ Do you offer printing services?
We do! click here to order your printed invitations and cards, look for the Party decorations kits or Contact us for us to print what you need for you. Please be aware there's a minimum order for printed items.

Can I have two names/ages on files?
For invitations and cards, yes you can have two names and ages if design allows it. For other items you should request before ordering, a fee may apply.

How many child photos can you try for me?
Your order includes trying two different photos for invitations and cards, if you need to try more please request a quote before ordering.

Do you send me a sample to review?
Yes, we send you a sample for you to review and approve so you can make the necessary changes.

How long do you keep my files?
We keep your files for 14days, only for editing purposes in case you need it. After that all files are erased from our computer. You can download and save them for as long as you need.

Can I use the file multiple times?
All files are for personal use, you can print as many as you need as long as it is for personal use.

 Do you sell templates?
We do not sell templates. All files must be customized if description states it is a customized file. If you need a template contact us.

How do I print?
We'll send you an instructions page for each file with paper recommendations, printing and assembling instructions. Or you can print with us

 Can I take the file to a printing vendor?
Yes, you can take the file or upload to their store. Please be aware a few vendors like FedEx and Office Depot refuse to print files with disney characters. There are plenty of vendors that do print.

 What is your turnaround?
You will receive your file within 1 business day.

 How do I send you my child's photo?
You can send us your child's photo to hello@cutepixelshop.com once order is made, please let us know your order number so we know it belongs to you.

 Can I change the text on files?
We edit the files for you. You can change the text on invitations and cards. For other items please read description or contact us if you have any question.

 Can I have two invitations?
You can have an additional invitation for the same child/age if you are having different parties, you don't have to order two invitations but one invitation and an "additional invitation" listing

 Can I have the file customized in a different language?
It is possible, you should ask first before ordering to see if fonts used might be the same and if there is a change on layout. Hablamos español.